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Supporting Your Ongoing FX Needs

In support of our efforts to provide a comprehensive range of competitive wealth solutions, we are pleased to introduce an additional value add service to our clients - with our FX division to support your ongoing foreign exchange needs.

Why Choose Echelon FX?
Echelon Wealth Partners offers a full range of FX products for all your transactional and hedging needs, including;

 - spot   - forwards  - swaps  - options

 - with the ability to watch large orders 24 hours a day.

Since January 2008, our FX desk has transacted approximately $90 billion in spot and $60 billion in swap volume and is led by a trader with over 16 years of experience in the spot FX market.

What Does Echelon FX Offer?

  • a different model we do not charge large spreads on FX.

  • FX rates are superior to banks and smaller FX shops. 

  • Echelon allows for ease of payments with CAD/USD Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), CAD/USD cheque, or wire transfer options


We provides a one stop shop to execute FX and manage cash flows/investments for your company.

We trade the following currencies:

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