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Purposeful. Objective. Diciplined. Intelligent. Unbiased. Methodical Investing

Purposeful Discovery Meeting - Getting to Know You

- Our initial meeting is a precise interview

- You will get to know who we are and what we can assist you with

- We will highlight your goals and mark down what you wish to achieve

- Together we will reach a consensus as to the possibilities of setting a plan

Objective Recommendations - Your Comfort Level

- We will present you with our analysis of your financial situation and recommendations 

- You will participate in deciding what your comfort level is with the various investment     selections.  Rest assured that all your concerns will be addressed so you can make a well informed decision

Disciplined Action Plan - Discussion Of  Proposal 

- At this meeting, you will be fully informed to make a decision on your asset allocation 

- Value-add is what we hope to deliver to enhance your portfolio returns

- We will, both, commit to working together to set the wheels in motion

- Account Opening documentation will be ready for your review and signature(s)

Intelligent Information Access - Online Setup

- It is easy to keep track of your investments online. We will set you up to access all your information at your convenience

- We want you to fully understand the process and be comfortable with your investments

- You can contact us at any time by email and we will be glad to assist you

Unbiased Clear Reporting – General Overview of Accounts and Tax Slips

- At year end you will receive several tax forms depending on your account type and the investments within the account(s)

- We will have a general review of the account and recommend tax efficient ways for your holdings based on your situation. We will certainly liaise with your tax specialist to review their recommendations

Methodical Review - Meeting of the Minds 

- Annually we will set a time for a general account review

- Your Financial Plan set in motion will be the foundation for wealth accumulation

- Reviewing the plan is crucial to the process of protecting your hard-earned savings

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