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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is key to future financial independence. So you can be confident when you retire, your decisions are not driven by necessity.  

Prepare to secure your Golden Years with a proactive approach

Check if you are on track to a comfortable retirement !

There are dizzying numbers of options and programs and they all match the adage "low fees equals low service" and "high level of service have outrageous fees".

Fortunately, your association has arranged with us so you can access the AAII program.  It provides:

  • Various investment options 

  • Validated best service levels

  • Very competitive fee structure 

  • Vast Informational resources

  • Verified online access

Refusal to invest due to procrastination or fear of losing money is the main reason we fail to achieve our goals.  

You need to acknowledge the fact that markets are volatile and you also need to realize that you are invested for the long-term. 

Our program has made it possible for hundreds of members to access customized expert advise. 

All information and consultations are free of charge to members of the AAII program.


Are you saving enough for retirement? These calculators will help determine where you stand:

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