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Insurance Protection


When you hear the word “insurance”, what comes to mind first? Being able to replace your car in case of an accident? Repairing damage to your home when a severe storm hits? We consider these things to be valuable enough to insure while often neglecting what is most important; our own lives, the well-being of our family or the continued success of a business. From simple to complex, *insurance strategies exist that can help you and your family prepare for life’s challenges and preserve the wealth you have worked so hard to build. We can help you determine the best strategies to protect what you value most. The following are just some of the ways insurance can work for you.

Whether you are single or married, just entering the workforce or planning for retirement, having a conversation about your personal situation with us allows you to explore risk-management options using insurance. An interruption of income – particularly for an extended period – could significantly impact your life and your future. Having adequate insurance coverage can help replace income that is lost as a result of these or other events, at a time when you need it most.

*Insurance can make a meaningful difference in your life and in the lives of those who matter most to you. Protecting your financial interests and providing for your loved ones are important actions to take at any stage of your life and career.


You have invested a lot of time and effort to establish and grow your business. The business could be at risk if you, a business partner or valuable employee dies or is incapacitated for an extended period. When you have “key person” insurance in place, you can be assured that your business maintains every opportunity possible to continue to grow and thrive, even in the face of a significant issue.

When you pass away, there will be taxes, liabilities and other costs related to settling your estate. Through a life insurance policy, your beneficiaries will receive tax-free insurance proceeds that can help offset these costs. Since life insurance proceeds are tax-efficient, it means your heirs will receive more from your estate instead of having taxes erode much of its value.

There are several ways in which you can leave a legacy to your favourite charities or foundations. Insurance offers a tax-conscious way to support your charities of choice by directing more funds to the causes that you care about.

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*Insurance Disclaimer
Insurance products and services are offered by life insurance licensed advisors through Chevron Wealth Preservation*, a wholly owned subsidiary of Echelon Wealth Partners Inc. This material is provided for general information and is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of life insurance products or securities mentioned herein. Every effort has been made to compile this material from reliable sources however no warranty can be made as to its accuracy or completeness. Before acting on any of the above, please seek individual financial advice based on your personal circumstances

Please note that only Echelon Wealth Partners is a member of CIPF and regulated by IIROC;  Chevron Wealth Preservation* is not.                     

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