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Private Wealth Management 

SMA Platform Explained
A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is an investment platform that gives you access to some of the top investment managers in our industry that are not otherwise freely accessible. 

Our Process
You can choose from a number of ‘industry proven’ portfolio strategies with varying investment styles and risk profiles. We fully customize your portfolio to align with your goals and risk tolerance.

To assist in the discovery of your overall investment profile, we use advanced industry tools and a comprehensive questionnaire to establish your investment objectives and constraints – specifically, time horizon, risk tolerance, cash flow requirements and return expectations.   Once your portfolio is constructed, we continuously monitor, trade and rebalance your account.


Three layers of Due Diligence

Due diligence is a significant component and a critical step in the success of our SMA platform. Echelon Wealth Partners has teamed with a leading global investment solutions consultant that provides extensive due diligence – including in-depth monitoring, analysis and evaluation – of our investment managers and their investment strategies. Combining our own oversight with that of our consultant and the investment managers, we are able to provide you with three distinct layers of investment expertise. This partnership creates a strong fiduciary culture, allowing you to benefit from our strict adherence to managing risk. Through our established and rigorous investment process, we can offer an investment solution that is tailored to you.

Tax Benefits

Direct ownership also allows you to avoid the potential pooled tax liability traditionally found in a fund because your cost base is solely your own.

You may plan for taxable events through strategies such as tax-loss harvesting, which can result in a more tax-efficient investment portfolio.

All-In-One Fee

The SMA program offers the convenience and cost-efficiency of an all-inclusive management fee. The fee includes trading, advice, and strategy oversight.

Fees charged to a non-registered account may also be tax deductible.

Please consult with your tax professional for specific advice on your tax situtation .

Transparency and Reporting

An added benefit of the SMA platform is transparency. You directly own the securities held in your Echelon SMA account. As such, all of the activity in these securities including investment and divestment, income, dividends earned and other pertinent information is clearly displayed.


Our enhanced reporting will also be transparent with regard to your investment return and how it compares to the performance of a benchmark that is customized for each strategy. Comprehensive and ongoing quarterly performance reporting provides you with unparalleled clarity and detail.


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