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Social Impact

How do we define Social Impact?

Social impact is weaving constant improvements into the fabric of everyone's life to effect changes in society and ultimately the quality of living within the society. Thus, the AAII is a socially responsible program that gives to causes that matter the most to you.  We only support charities with a high return on donations. 


Member Impact

The Impact You Can Make with the AAII Program; defines the premise that an ethical life incorporates utilizing available resources to improve our society in conjunction with giving back.


              Program Sponsors Impact

The AAII Program identifies Program Sponsor's initiative to support a charitable and/or a non-profit program to help our communities and ultimately society.   By engaging their board and members, together we will strengthen the bond of unity for social enterprise maximum impact to address social challenges of importance.


Many businesses today are voluntarily embracing CSR mainly through; 

  • Charitable giving and volunteerism that benefits the communities 

  • Engagement of employees in CSR initiatives

Practicing Sustainability:

  • Contributes to the communities by promoting growth through innovations in health care.

  • Supports diversity through education and empowerment, thus, lifting the poverty line.

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