Is it wise to try to time the market?   No one has the crystal ball that allows them to identify just when the stock markets of the world will move in one direction or the other. We believe that it is buying the right businesses, not buying at the right time that counts. Wealth is created universally through business ownership, not timing the market.

February 2, 2017

Filing Deadline For

2016 returns: April 30, 2017

            Latest: May 1, 2017 

Self-employed: June 15, 2017 

Earliest Online Filing Date:

                           February 20, 2017 


August 16, 2016


You don’t need to choose one plan over the other. Both allow you to hold a wide range of qualified investments, including cash, mutual funds, government and corporate bonds, GICs and publicly traded securities.

How you allocate your investments between the two plan types depends on your overall investment goals and your current tax rate versus your expected future tax rate. 

Investors who are saving f...

July 14, 2016

Please be advised, Canada Post may potentially go on strike.

We are informing you of this possibility as this may impact you as a client of Echelon Wealth Partners in terms of delivery of;

- Client Statements

- Trade Confirmations

- Client Cheques

What can you do to prepare ?

1. Enroll for E-Document solution. This will allow you to access the Monthly Statements and Trade Confirmations online.

2. If you currently receive a cheque from a recurring event (ie RRIF payment, Automatic Withdrawal) or throug...

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