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RRSP Loan Program



We understand that charting a long-term financial plan is a priority.  Thus, Echelon Wealth Partners is offering it's clients a lending solution that can help build your wealth and ensure sufficient savings for the future.



  • Simplified pricing: Pricing is based on the term selected, not the loan amount.

  • Choice of product: Cients can choose between a variable or fixed rate.

  • Flexible terms: Choose a one or two-year fixed rate loan or a variable rate loan with a term between one and ten years.

  • Deferral payment options: Clients can defer their first payment for up to 180 days.

  • Easy phone application: Approval within 24 Hrs, providing you qualify

  • Multiple funding options: Proceeds from a single RSP loan can be invested in an RSP, RESP, or any combination thereof (up to a maximum of three accounts).

RSP Lending Rates
Amortization period       Variable rate          Fixed rate
1 year                                Prime + 0.50%            Call
2 years                              Prime + 0.50%            Call

3 - 5 years                            Call                          n/a
6 - 10 years                          Call                           n/a


RRSP Loan Benefits

  • Low minimum RSP loan amounts across all terms. There is no cap on the loan amount.

  • Fixed payment schedule, making the loan attractive for catching-up on unused contributions from previous years.

  • All or part of a loan can be repaid at any time without penalty.

  • Terms to suit your needs, amortized over up to 10 years.

The loan program has made it possible for hundreds of clients to access funding so start investing now.

Did you know?

  • Interest rates on RRSP loans are NOT tax deductible.

  • 62 percent of Canadians have investments set aside for the future.

  • 55 percent have investments in a registered retirement savings plan, a registered retirement income fund or a pension plan.

  • 21 percent have investments in a tax-free savings account, and an equal number have investments outside of these plans.

  • 38 percent Canadians do not have any investments set aside for the future         (Source:Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

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