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Individual Pension Plans (IPP)

An Individual Pension Plans (IPP) is an employer-sponsored retirement vehicle that provides a higher limit of tax-sheltered contributions than that of a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).   We will simplify the process to create an IPP that is right for you and/or your key employees.  The account will be administered by an actuarial firm 

Contributions to the IPP plan are ideal for:

  • business owners that are over 40 years of age or

  • professionals with incorporated businesses earning more than C$100,000 annually.

Key Benefits:

  • All contributions are deductible by the employer 

  • The funds grow in a tax-sheltered environment within the IPP account

  • Lump-sum contributions are allowed in-order to fund the plan 

  • If the plan's targeted rate-of-return is not met, the employer can fund the shortfall. 

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