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Do Good with AAII

Individual Investor Social Responsibility Solution

The AAII program bridges the gap between investors who are seeking financial returns as well as tangible social impact* and the philanthropic organizations.   We all have a deep need to do good and effect positive change.    

Through supporting Health and Educational initiatives, collectively, we will contribute to raising the socioeconomic status. 

Ask Us - How Your Current Investment Account Can Be Set Up to Make A Difference


Businesses Corporate Social Responsibility Solution 

Companies that view Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an opportunity to strengthen their business module, partner with us to stream forward with their initiatives.  These companies are active members of their communities and voluntairly take steps to recognize the benefits and impact of sustainability on society in general. 

Through the AAII program, companies and/or organizations develop an approach with a meaningful impact. 

The investment and retirement program engages the corporate employees and/or members of organizations in a value-add plan that provides mutual benefits to both parties and positively impacts our communities.

By improving the quality of life for employees and members, we are contributing to society at large.

Therefore, the obligation of businesses extends well beyond the statutory mandate of complying with policies and legislation.

*Make An Impact

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