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Portfolio Diversification

Our Portfolio Construction process sets a blueprint for a disciplined and personalized plan so you can start your wealth accumulation phase.  In volatile financial markets, a well-maintained portfolio is absolutely vital to reaching your future goals and capital needs. 

Note The Importance Of Diversification 

A well-diversified portfolio protects your assets from the risks of large declines and economic shifts over time.

Normally, Diversification through uncorrelated asset classes (eg stocks vs bonds vs commodities) acts as a buffer when markets are volatile since one class can outperform another therefore creating a balance.  

Here are some essential steps for building your diversified portfolio:

Step 1:


We identify your ideal investment parameters as we consider;

  • your goals and objectives

  • risk tolerance and time horizon

  • any investment limitations

Step 2:


Collectively we determine your Investment Strategy by

  • defining the asset allocation parameters

  • choosing the asset classes 

  • evaluating all sectors

Step 3:


  • implementation of the strategy

  • periodic rebalancing to bring your asset allocation to the appropriate weighing per sector

  • Monitor the portfolio diversification

  • report on performance

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