Canada Post Strike or Lockout

July 14, 2016



Please be advised, Canada Post may potentially go on strike.


We are informing you of this possibility as this may impact you as a client of Echelon Wealth Partners in terms of delivery of;

- Client Statements

- Trade Confirmations

- Client Cheques


What can you do to prepare ?

1. Enroll for E-Document solution. This will allow you to access the Monthly Statements and Trade Confirmations online.

2. If you currently receive a cheque from a recurring event (ie RRIF payment, Automatic Withdrawal) or through ad-hoc requests, please consider switching your payment method to an Electron Fund Transfer EFT to ensure you receive your funds through a direct deposit to the bank.


We will provide additional information as it becomes available.


Should you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Please note that only Echelon Wealth Partners is a member of CIPF and regulated by IIROC; *Chevron Wealth Preservation is not regulated by IIROC nor is it protected under the CIPF